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Smoking is a method used to make raw meat last longer. This process refers to the smoking of foods such as fish and meat. Meat kept in incense smoke can be stored longer without spoiling. This method is centuries old. Since there were no refrigerators or freezers in the houses at that time, the leftover meat was smoked with fire smoke. Thanks to this method, it was ensured that the meat became durable for a long time. Although smoked meat is not used as often as it used to be, with the spread of household appliances over time, while trying to make it resistant to different climatic conditions, it is still in high demand by consumers thanks to its natural methods and unique taste. When the woods of different trees used in incense are burned, their fumes impart their own aroma and characteristic odor to the meat.

Things to Consider When Making Smoked Meat

Meats must be properly prepared before being smoked. Bacteria that can cause meat spoilage must be destroyed. For this, the meat should be rubbed with salt water and kept waiting. It is preferred that the place where the meat is kept is slightly windy. If there is no light windy place, it may be appropriate to keep it in a shaded and cool environment. As Ege Sucukları, we carefully prepare our smoked meat products from selected beef. Nerves and excess fat are removed from the meat, sliced and packaged with a special process. You can easily order our product. You can consume smoked meat, which has high nutritional value, especially for breakfast.

Our Ege Sucuklari Bosnian Steak Smoked Meat product is known for its high protein content and offers a satiating feature when consumed at breakfast. Our naturally fermented meat product, when consumed at breakfast, helps to strengthen the muscle and nervous system and prevents concentration-related errors. Smoked meat pairs well not only with breakfast menus, but also with hamburgers, toast, pastries and various appetizers. By ordering easily from our site, you can get it delivered to your address quickly and reliably.

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