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The transition of people to the habit of eating meat has taken place in a historical process. While humans were initially fed with fruits, vegetables and herbs, they learned to hunt and consume meat by imitating the animals they hunted as the resources in nature decreased.

When there was no other option for survival, humans began hunting large animals and consuming their meat. In the beginning, meats were consumed raw, but over time, people discovered how to cook meat. It is thought that with the invention of sharp tools, meat was cut, chopped and consumed by cooking.

When settled life started, people started to do agriculture and started to grow hard-to-find plants. In this process, people’s tastes improved and they made meals by combining the meat of the animals they hunted with various vegetables and herbs. In the following times, people started to feed animals instead of just hunting, and breeding of many animals such as cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat, lamb, chicken, duck, goose became a profession.

Of course, this habit of eating meat has also affected the physical development of people. Over time, people fed with meat consumption grew taller, increased their weight and increased their physical strength. The digestive systems of humans have also adapted and developed to meat consumption. Therefore, although humans are actually herbivores, they have developed the habit of eating meat.

The habit of eating meat has become indispensable for people and has gained an important place in many cultures around the world.

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