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Ege Sucukları, established in 1966 with a registered trademark, is a family-owned company that has been committed to producing healthy, high-quality, and hygienic products with an honest, clean, and ethical business approach for four generations. The company is owned by Ali Kasap and Alper Kasap and specializes in the production of Fermented Sucuk (Turkish sausage), Tire Şiş Köfte (skewered meatballs), various types of Salami, and Sausages. They use only the finest raw materials, such as Beef, Veal, and Cattle meat, to create their products. Ege Sucukları carefully selects the best spices in Turkey, blending them with their special formula to use in their products.

Ege Sucukları holds the HACCP and ISO 22000 Food Safety and Quality Control System Certificates, which they diligently follow and implement throughout their manufacturing processes. Additionally, the company has been audited by the international accreditation agency GlobalMark and has been awarded the Halal Food Halal Meat certification. The meat used in Ege Sucukları products, sourced from Dana, Düve, and Sığır (cattle), is slaughtered in accordance with Islamic principles under the supervision of Official Veterinary Control at Ödemiş Municipality Abattoir. The production facility of Ege Sucukları is located at the entrance of Tire on the İzmir highway, while their retail stores are situated in the center of Tire.

The first registered trademark of Ege Sucukları was obtained from the Turkish Patent Institute in 1966. Trademark No: 94537 – Commercial Trademark Registration Date: 05/12/1966


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